I’ve just published two ebooks via Amazon. One is a short story, Christmas Tree that’s just over a thousand words. I created this towards the end of 2018 when I was asked to write and perform an original story for a Princes Trust event.

The other is Four Walls. A collection of four flash fictions and three poems about the UK’s housing crisis. I was inspired to create this collection after attending a workshop by Spread the Word and writing Flat, which was later shortlisted and published in their 2017 anthology, City of Stories.

I’ve written and solo-published two children’s books, The Rare Monkey with the Colourful Bottom and The Rare Monkey Can’t, Couldn’t, Can! both in paperback. The latter was shortlisted for the Children’s Rubery Book Award 2017.

Both Rare Monkey books are illustrated by creative Jeffrey Mundell. More info about The Rare Monkey books at www.theraremonkey.com

I’m hoping to publish more work soon.

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“Any children’s book should have the principle target of entertaining its young reader first and foremost, but if that book is able to add a moral to its story, then it becomes the perfect children’s book. The Rare Monkey does both.”

“I was blown away by this children’s book. Here is a rare thing indeed: a children’s book with a strong moral message whilst also presenting an artistic and creative flair.”