In 2014 I joined The Princes Trust. Since then I’ve written and solo-published two The Rare Monkey picture books.

I finished writing and solo-published The Rare Monkey with the Colourful Bottom late 2014. It’s synopsis: The Rare Monkey is the only monkey in the wild with a multicoloured bright bottom. Follow his journey of cheek and colour as he discovers the importance of being yourself and liking who you are.

I wrote and solo-published The Rare Monkey with the Colourful Bottom late 2016. It’s synopsis: The Rare Monkey feels sad he can’t do what other animals in the wild can. A new friendship shows him the importance of celebrating what others can do and that in your own way anything is possible.

More details about and copies of my Rare Monkey books can be found on The Rare Monkey’s website here.

Stay Rare.




Some readers reviews:

“Any children’s book should have the principle target of entertaining its young reader first and foremost, but if that book is able to add a moral to its story, then it becomes the perfect children’s book. The Rare Monkey does both.”

“This is a wonderful book and is beautifully written. Very amusing, but it sends out a lovely message about how it’s not important if you’re different to others.”

“I was blown away by this children’s book. Here is a rare thing indeed: a children’s book with a strong moral message whilst also presenting an artistic and creative flair.”